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About Us 

At Colibrí Montessori Chicago Preschool, we embody the spirit of Maria Montessori's Philosophy, offering a unique Early Childhood Experience. Our school's Montessori Program offers a home-based educational approach.


Our curriculum is enriched with Spanish Language Immersion, enhancing cognitive development, and cultivating a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. Join us in nurturing your child's natural curiosity and love for learning.

Our Mission

Embracing Montessori education principles with love, we cultivate a tranquil environment, where children learn new languages and grow into independent, responsible, and self-confident individuals.

“My son and daughter attended Colibrí  
for the 2022-2023 school year and they loved it. 
The teachers  are fantastic and provide the students with a nurturing and wholesome educational experience.
The Spanish immersion program is an added benefit and I can already see how proficient my little ones have become in a new language.
For anyone looking for a great Montessori experience, I would highly recommend Colibrí."
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