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At Colibrí Montessori Chicago Preschool, unlike daycare, we are an education-focused haven. Our focus revolves around cultivating a close-knit community of learners through small-group interactions. This approach allows us to tailor our guidance to model a child's unique pace and interests, instilling a lifelong love for learning from the earliest stages.

In addition to our core Preschool Program and Toddler Room, we extend our commitment to education with Before and After School offerings. These programs continue the enriching experience. Our environment exudes a welcoming and homelike ambiance.

Toddler Room

We offer a small group environment

for ages 15 months

to 3 years old.


We provide Before School and Work Cycle Hours

7:30 - 4:00 PM



Preschool Program

We offer a small group environment for ages

3 to 6 years old.

We provide Before & After School, and Work Cycle

7:30 - 5:30 PM


Full Day Schedule

7:30 AM-5:30 pm

Before School Hours
7:30 AM - 9:00 am

Work Cycle Hours 

9:00 AM - 4:00 pm

After School Hours

Just for 2.5 - 6 years old 
4:00 - 5:30 pm

Montessori Philosophy

Montessori Preschool Philosophy

At Colibrí Montessori Chicago Preschool, we embody the spirit of Maria Montessori's Philosophy, offering a unique Early Childhood experience. Our school's Montessori program offers a home-based educational approach. Our curriculum is enriched with Spanish Language Immersion, enhancing cognitive development, and cultivating a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. Join us in nurturing your child's natural curiosity and love for learning.

Focus Areas

 - Practical life
  - Sensorial
  - Mathematics
  - Sciences

  - Language
  - Art
  - Physical education

  - Music

Spanish Language Immersion

Spanish Language Immersion

Why to learn another language?

The United States has long been celebrated as a melting pot, a rich tapestry woven from various cultures and backgrounds. This great nation's diversity continues to flourish, making it more imperative than ever for the younger generation to embrace a global perspective. In this evolving landscape, the ability to not only tolerate but also appreciate other cultures and communicate in their languages holds unprecedented significance.

Numerous studies underscore the pivotal role of Early Childhood, specifically the ages between 0 and 3, as the optimal window for acquiring a second language. Children who embark on language learning during this formative period exhibit superior language acquisition and retention compared to their counterparts.

What is a Language Immersion?

Language Immersion is an educational approach that involves surrounding learners with a target language in order to help them become proficient speakers of that language. The primary goal of language Immersion is to create an environment where learners are constantly exposed to and encouraged to use the target language in authentic, meaningful contexts. This approach is based on the idea that immersing oneself in a language-rich environment mirrors the way individuals naturally acquire their native languages as children. At Colibrí Montessori Chicago Preschool, teachers involved in the program bring an innate understanding of the language's nuances, cultural context, and authentic usage since Spanish is their native language.

Spanish Language Immersion

At Colibrí Montessori Chicago Preschool, we are committed to shaping the global citizens of tomorrow through our Spanish Language Immersion program. Our adept staff, proficient in both English and Spanish, ensure a seamless integration of language learning throughout the day. By fostering continuous exposure to the Spanish language, children organically cultivate their linguistic skills in an authentic environment, enabling them to put theory into practice and thrive as culturally aware individuals.

  - Home made Organic food.
  - Small groups for individual attention.
  - Outdoor area

  - Extracurricular activities.
  - Opportunity to explore and learn in a nurturing home environment.
  - Member of the American Montessori Society.

  - Summer Program.

More Offered

More Offered
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